Natural Soaps

 things you own own you

natural soap
deadsea minerals

We SELL your fat asses Back to you

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The Most Popular Products:

Natural Handmade Soap

We only use certifiably raw and organic materials that we hand pick ourselves from a dumpster in back of the lipo clinic

  • Recycle Your Pet Soap
  • 100% Castile Soap
  • Old Auto Oil Soap
  • Spa Collection Soap  
  • Hair Care Kit 
  • Perfume Oils
  • Lavender Water Spray 

Citrus Blend

Did you know that if you mix equal parts of gasoline and frozen orange juice concentrate you can make napalm?  

Orchid Soap a chemical burn

Olive Soap

The salt balance has to be just right, so the best fat for making soap comes from humans.

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